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Arthur Cohn Film Producer six times Academy Award Winner
Arthur Cohn Film Producer six times Academy Award Winner.

Los Angeles California_ December 04, 2019- Arthur Cohn, a Swiss independent film producer and recipient of six Academy Awards (Oscars), has established an exceptional career and has won more Oscars than any other independent film producer in the industry.

Estruscan Smile - 33rd Israel Film Festival

He was recently honored by the 33rd Israel Film Festival in Los Angeles with a Lifetime Achievement Award.  The award was presented by the American actress, Emmy Award nominee, film producer and director Rosanna Arquette.

During the ceremony, Mr. Cohn talked about his connection with Israel and the value of his Jewish roots before introducing the audience of this prestigious film festival to his last film, The Etruscan Smile, which is based on the novel of Spanish writer José Luis Sampedro. The film stars Brian Cox (currently in HBO's “Succession” and recently on Broadway as the leading man in “The Great Society”) as Rory MacNeil, a rugged old Scotsman who leaves in an isolated island and travels to San Francisco due to his illness to re-connect with his family during which he develops a special bond with his grandson. It is a wonderful story about living life at its fullest and doing what you love while you can.

He stated from the podium:

“I am especially grateful to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Israel Film Festival. In my career, I have always tried to create what I call European or International Human Cinema. Human cinema means that I produce films which follow three main guidelines, no violence, no sex, and no special effects.“

“I personally believe that there is nothing, truly nothing, more meaningful than human films which debate real human stories, heal real human relationships, because that is what life is about.”

“There are too many films today which you forget the moment you leave the cinema. I would like to touch people with my films, to have them think about the films also being seen weeks later, and a long time later, and not forgotten and hopefully they will improve into whatever meaningful lives lie ahead in their living.“ - Arthur Cohn

Arthur Cohn
Arthur Cohn

Mr. Cohn’s passion for writing and producing scripts translates to a fine art in developing a unique final cut on his films. This special talent he developed during his career was also shared at the Writers Guild Theater in LA in a private film screening of The Etruscan Smile where he thanked each of the great cast; Rosanna Arquette, Brian Cox, Thora Birch, JJ Field and actress Sandra Santiago whose work he mentioned in his speech.

Sandra Santiago and Arthur Cohn The Etruscan Smile Premiere at The Writer Guild LA.
Sandra Santiago and Arthur Cohn The Etruscan Smile Premiere at The Writer Guild LA.

Arthur Cohn  and The Etruscan Smile Premiere at The Writer Guild Los Angeles

Sandra Santiago The Etruscan Smile Premiere at The Writer Guild LA video courtesy by Kevin Bernes Films Productions .