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Updated: Jul 15, 2021

(Tampa, Florida - March 16, 2018) - Last March, one of the most competitive record labels for online music distribution opened the door to their new headquarters in the iconic Tampa Theater office building. Designed by architect John Eberson, the theater opened for first time on October 15, 1926. The theater and office building were rescued from demolition by the city in 1977 and now are part of the League of Historic American Theaters, and are part of Tampa's cultural landscape.

The purchase of this 4th Floor office condo by Brea Berrios Investments, the owners of Symphonic Music Distribution, establishes a new ground zero for the music and cultural scene in Tampa, as well as for the US and globally. This will bring a lot of opportunities for branding and increase economic development in the community through the music entertainment industry. Cities such as Milwaukee, Chicago, Boston, Nashville, Los Angeles and Austin have made great strides utilizing music as a part of the needs and development of the local culture, as well as use in education and entertainment programs for their communities. The decision by Jorge Brea, CEO and the other executives of Symphonic to base their company in downtown Tampa will create an impact globally by bringing branding participation throughout many industries to our area.

Symphonic is leading a new generation of the independent music market, specializing in global music distribution, marketing, royalty rights management and monetization. In the digital era, it’s essential to have music in digital online stores and streaming providers. Symphonic Distribution offers one of the most comprehensive networks of stores and streaming platforms in the industry, with commercial partners like iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Napster, and Amazon, with hundreds of streaming partners, their music roster will reach as wide of an audience as possible.

Symphonic has just launched monthly reporting and royalties data payment services for the key music service partners (major online music stores) that make it very efficient and easy for the independent artist and record labels to track revenues.

The ribbon cutting ceremony at the Grand Opening event was done by the honorable members of Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce - the Membership Director, Rossanne Versaggi, Member Relations Manager, Danna Minninson and his ambassador, Rod Gaerlan.

The Cigar Radio (Cigar City MGMT), an online radio station, was broadcasting special interviews. The concert was performed by local artists like J.T. Brown (space folk, soul, and rock 'n' roll), Fr33dback - Matthew Reisinger (electronic musician-composer) and Mike Mass (Hip-hop).

Media Contact

Contact Person: Reinaldo Vandres - PR Senior Manager/Director


Phone: (727) 238-5874

City: Tampa- Florida

Country: United States


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